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New Patient “WOW” Exam

Dr Lou Stylos DMD Smiles By Stylos Chelmsford MAAs your  dentist, “Dr. Lou”, as he is known to his many patients, firmly believes that a great deal of trust and comfort is very important to establish before he does anything for a patient. He is committed to building that type of relationship FIRST. This can only happen when he spends quality time with someone.  At a patient’s first non emergency visit, Dr. Stylos gets to know you as a person and the dental goals you have before he even looks in your mouth. By establishing a connection based on trust and mutual understanding YOU and Dr. Stylos will identify the best way to have dental success. Once you both decide to move forward, he will carefully take the time to get all the information needed to know everything about the state of your dental health. No stone is left unturned and you are an active part of the co-discovery process.

We often hear our new patients say “WOW , I have never had such a through exam before! No Dentist has ever checked so many things and spent that much time with me”. Before you leave, you will know where Dr. Stylos will be starting and most importunately WHY you need to start there. That is why our patients call it the “WOW” Exam.

Emergency Visits

Happily, patient’s of Dr. Stylos have very few emergency visits. Why? Because Dr. Stylos takes the time to see you each and every time you come to the office from your first visit to your next. This has been his proven formula to avoid emergencies since 1987.

None the less, emergencies do happen. When they do, the first question you will hear from Dr. Stylos is, “how soon can you get to my office?”, no matter if it is during regular offices hours or on a weekend night. That’s right, Dr. Stylos is available outside of office hours for emergencies! When you need Dr. Stylos most, he his there for you.

Please Contact Smiles By Stylos with your questions or concerns, Dr. Lou and his friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help provide information and answer your questions.

A brand new smile brings tears of joy from patient with Dr Stylos.

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