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TMJ Treatment in Chelmsford

The TemperoMandibular Joint, better known as TMJ, is a ball and socket joint inside your jaw that allows all mouth movements to occur. Because they are the only two joints in your head, they are very sensitive. Problems with these joints can lead to extreme pain and discomfort, ultimately causing serious health problems. If you experience pain when moving your jaw, you may have an injured joint. TMJ does not only affect the specific joint, but the muscles, tendons and ligaments around them that allow your jaw to move. Because it is such a serious condition, you should seek help right away to prevent any future damage. Fortunately, Dr. Stylos is an expert in this field and can help relieve pain or symptoms associated with your TMJ. Call our office and learn how we can help.


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Occlusion, or your Bite , is the normal and proper way your mouth is designed to do all your eating , drinking, chewing ,smiling and laughing comfortably and effortlessly. A good occlusion will make it easier to maintain and keep your teeth healthy and strong. When you do not have a good bite called malocclusion, it can result in damaging conditions such as Bruxism/Grinding, Clenching, Headaches, Neck Pain or loose or fractured teeth. Dr. Stylos has have advanced training and understands how to treat these problems and most importantly prevent these problems from getting worse. If you or a family member are having any of these problems call today to see how Dr. Stylos can help make a huge impact on their dental health and comfort. 
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A “Bad Bite” can be one of the most painful and disguised dental problems surfacing today. Many patients suffering from teeth movement experience problems particularly when biting. This is called malocclusion, and is often linked with TMJ. A bad bite occurs when your jaw muscles are having difficulty performing tasks such as eating, speaking and generally moving.
You may be suffering from TMJ or Malocclusion if you feel clicking, grinding, sinus pressure, breaking of teeth, ringing ears, head and neck pain, or clenching. Because these symptoms may occur in your sleep, it is important to talk to with us today so we can help design a treatment plan that will provide relief and give you back the ability to eat, chew and smile comfortably again. Dr. Stylos has the advance training that will make you confident that great dental comfort is now possible for you!
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Bruxism or “Grinding”, like other TMJ-related habits, affects all muscles in the mouth and jaw area. This disease is most often described by the phrase “gnashing or grinding of teeth” which includes incredible tooth pressure into the jaw. Though many people consider this a mild habit, it can lead to traumatic and damaging results if left untreated. Most often, this grinding of the teeth occurs at night, leaving patients unaware of how bad this self inflected damage may be.

If you experience pain in your ears, head, neck or jaw, as well as discomfort in any oral area, you may be experiencing the aftermath of night time bruxism. There are various treatments for those who have been unknowingly grinding their teeth. Depending on the severity of your case, you should speak with us about which option would be most effective and comfortable for you.
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If your teeth are experiencing movement, it may be because you are clenching your teeth at night in your sleep. Dental clenching can cause worn down teeth, loose teeth, teeth that are chipped at the gum line or fractured teeth. Dr. Stylos and his staff are expects in finding these problems before they happen. If the damage has already occurred, Dr. Stylos will have many options to correct the damage and prevent further damage from happening. Call and ask to come in for an exam and learn how we can help you!
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Although headaches can be the result of countless variables in our fast-moving world, one cause of tooth pain may be jaw-related. If you are experiencing frequent headaches, earaches, or general sensitivity in your teeth, you may be suffering from a damaging oral habit called Bruxism or Grinding. Call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stylos to diagnose your headaches. Together, we may find a solution so you can eliminate the pain of daily headaches with a simple, comfortable, custom fitted device that can change your life!
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Neck Pain
Having an oral habit disorder can be a pain in the neck- literally. Don’t spend another day in pain or discomfort due to one of these activities. Come in for a visit. We will evaluate the areas around your neck to discover if the reason is tooth-related. Let us help you begin the process to free you from dental related neck pain.
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