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Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Lou Stylos

13 Village Square
Chelmsford, MA 01824
(978) 256-6433

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Thursday
7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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Brace yourself.

Deciding to undergo orthodontic treatment at age 57 was not very high on my list of things to do. In fact, it wasn't even on the list. I mean, come on, braces are for kids. Right? Wrong. I was headed for trouble in River City and didn't even know it.

When I first came to Dr. Stylos and his team, my concept of a dentist was simple: have a checkup and cleaning twice a year; if a problem is found, get it fixed. I soon came to realize that my concept and that of Dr. Lou's were on opposite ends of the spectrum. Fortunately, his broader look at how individual treatment could be provided will help me to insure the best way to repair, restore and preserve my own teeth.

Although Dr. Stylos and I discussed some potential ways to proceed with treatment, we both agreed that a comprehensive evaluation should be the first step to determine the best treatment plan to follow. The evaluation/exam included a look at my complete dental system to include teeth, gums, jaw, related muscles and anything else that might be connected to dental health.

Together we reviewed and discussed the results of the exam. The dominant finding concluded that my bite was causing major problems and needed correction. As much as I would have preferred a quick fix, it was obvious that best fix would involve a much longer process. Again, we agreed that in terms of longevity and value having my teeth realigned was the best way to proceed. Welcome to the world of orthodontics! After 22 months of brackets, wires, and elastics, the results were well worth the effort. Now that the new foundation has been set I'm ready to enter into the next phase of my dental adventure.

A big Thank You to Dr. Lou and his team for their work and for helping me to move my concept of dentistry to his side of the spectrum!

Michael D. Lumenello
[ top ]

My first encounter with "Dr. Lou" was as an active Kiwanian and I figured if he were as good a dentist as he was a Kiwanian, he would be good.

I had two partial plates that were of the "Swinglock Type" that very few dentists had encountered. Dr. Lou set the necessary guidelines to save what was left of my teeth.

Dr. Lou felt the best possible way to save my existing teeth would require some caps being installed. He then made two new partial plates that I still have.

I am in my mid-seventies and decided to keep the partials as they are and not replace any teeth as Dr. Lou felt was the best way to keep what teeth I had left.

He has kept my mouth in good working order and I am totally satisfied with my treatments.

The treatment we have followed has made my smile and ability to eat just about everything wonderful.

The team is certainly the greatest as they have wonderful personalities and are caring people. I feel like I am at a friend's house and not a professional office.

Don Horan
[ top ]
I have been a client of Dr. Stylos and his team for many years. Following their dental advice has brought me consistently positive results. Instead of just waiting for me to have a problem and then fixing it, they clearly have a long range plan for my dental health in mind. Throughout the extensive dental work that I have required, they have always shown respect for my personal needs and concerns. Their combination of integrity, teamwork, medical expertise and genuine caring keeps me coming back to them. I trust that they have my best interests at heart.

Paula J. Richards
[ top ]
It was great coming to your office this week and meeting the wonderful people you have working with you, especially Lisa! Your office is the most unique dental office I have ever experienced, and you and your staff deserve kudos for all you are doing to give the best service possible, and to make your patients feel at home and very well taken care of!

Ellen Little
[ top ]
As soon as I bit into the stale protein bar at about 10:30AM while volunteering at my daughter's school, I knew that something didn't feel right. I quickly found out that there was a prize mixed in with the stale rice crispy bar that I was trying to chew- my crown! My first thought was, "It's Friday and Dr. Stylos isn't open, what should I do?" The recorded message at the office gave a number to call in the case of an emergency. I quickly received a call from Dr. Stylos - who was off-site attending a dental conference - who offered to meet me at his office at my convenience that afternoon. Because I was temporarily stuck at home with a contractor, Dr. Stylos stopped by my home and picked-up my crown so that he'd be prepared to reinstall the crown when I arrived at his office. By 2:15PM, I exited Dr. Stylos' office with the crown in-place and looking forward to my next meal. Dr. Stylos and his team provide the quality service that many businesses promise, but very few deliver. Thanks very much, Dr. Lou!

Bob Gregoire
[ top ]
"Dr Lou is the most thorough dentist I have ever been to. He takes the time to examine not only your teeth, but also your gums, jaw, and surrounding musculature. He is kind and compassionate and will do anything for his patients, even if it means coming in on a Saturday for a dental emergency. His lovely wife, Lisa, is a great hygeneist and is always very gentle yet thorough. I highly recommend this husband-wife team!"

Dr. Shelly King
[ top ]
Chelmsford MA Dentist Smiles By Stylos
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