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At the Chelmsford office of dentist Dr. Stylos, we want you and your whole family to have healthy, beautiful smiles. Our dental services allow us to tend to patients young and old to not only improve their oral health but more importantly their overall health. More and more studies have confirmed the strong relationship that a health mouth goes hand in hand with a healthy body. Dr. Stylos firmly believes his role as a physician of the mouth can make a significant impact on a patient’s health.

He and his staff believe that knowledge and putting it into practice are the two most important factors of healthy dentistry. We will be with you and your loved ones each step of the way to ensure you can carry out healthy habits in and out of our office. This starts with your very first visit with Dr. Stylos.

New Patient “WOW” Exam

As your dentist, “Dr. Lou”, as he is known to his many patients, firmly believes that a great deal of trust and comfort is very important to establish before he does anything on a patient. He is committed to building that type of relationship FIRST and that can only happen when he spends time with someone. That is why at a patient’s first non emergency visit, Dr. Stylos spends a lot of time talking to you. He gets to know you as a person and the dental goals you have before he even looks in your mouth. This gives YOU and Dr. Stylos the best way to form a relationship that will identify the best way to have dental success.

Once you both decide to move forward, he will carefully take the time to get all the information needed to know everything about the state of your dental health. No stone is left unturned and you are an active part of the co-discovery process .We often hear our new patients say “WOW , I have never had such a thorough exam before! No Dentist has ever checked so many things and spent that much time with me”. Before you leave, you will know where Dr. Stylos will be starting and most importantly WHY you need to start there. That is why patients call it the “WOW” Exam.

Emergency Visits

Happily, patient’s of Dr. Stylos have very few emergency visits. Why? Because Dr. Stylos takes the time to see you each and every time you come to the office from your first visit to your next. This has been his proven formula to avoid emergencies since 1987. None the less, emergencies do happen. When they do, the first question you will hear from Dr. Stylos is, “how soon can you get to my office?”, no matter if it is during regular offices hours or on a weekend night. That’s right, Dr. Stylos is available outside of office hours for emergencies! When you need Dr. Stylos most, he his there for you.

Below are some interesting videos that show you how common dental procedures are performed. They run between 2 and 3 minutes. We hope these are helpful and useful. Thank you for visiting.


Good Oral Hygiene is a very important factor in great dental and overall health for you and your family. The problem is very few people know what they need to do. Studies now show that if you have poor oral hygiene you have a higher risk of heart problems, uncontrolled diabetes and low birth weight children in expecting mothers. Literally, your life depends on Good Oral Hygiene! Our dedicated clinical staff invests the time to teach and instill the information and techniques of healthy hygiene habits to you and your family to ensure lasting, beautiful smiles with the added bonus of improved overall health for years to come. Dental hygiene is a shared responsibility between our office and our patients. We are more than happy to take the time to help you develop habits you will use each and every day.

Don’t like to floss… No Problem! You are not alone! Did you know the biggest purchasers of floss are dental offices to give to their patients in the hopes that they will use it? And they do …to tie up plastic bags, and make fishing lures and decorative ornaments, everything but flossing their teeth! We offer alternate techniques such as the best electric toothbrushes and powered flossing aids for patients. We have found that by using the combination of the advanced cleaning technologies we recommend which are easier to use and far superior to manual techniques, you will leave our office not only with a clean, beautiful mouth, but a mind full of knowledge and the tools to get the job done right! Come in for a visit and we will show you ways to take care of your teeth outside of the office, as well as explain what we can do for you here. Call today to get an appointment to evaluate you gum health today. It may save your life!

Replacing Missing Teeth

Many people for various reasons can be missing teeth that make it difficult to eat or smile. Dental Implants may be the best way to replace these problem areas in your mouth. These implants serve as artificial tooth replacements and look and feel extremely natural. Implants are the closest way to making a person feel whole again. Sometimes implants are not right for a person. In that case, we can offer alternatives such as bridges or partials that will improve your dental health. Like all cases, we take your goals, comfort and expectations into account and come up with the right solution for YOU. Come in for a visit to discuss and design your own personal plan.

Digital X- Rays

An important tool in detecting problems early is though Digital X-rays. We have been using this high tech system for several years. It provides excellent accuracy while providing the least amount of radiation possible, much less than old x-rays. Best of all they are fast, provide more information and are environmentally friendly. Call us to schedule a visit and together, we can get a complete picture of any issues you may be having inside your mouth. Like all our procedures, safety issues and concerns will be discussed with you at the time of the x-ray. We look forward to seeing you, both inside and out!

Advanced Periodontal (Gum) Care Services

We place great importance on keeping your gums healthy to benefit your dental and overall health, we are constantly evaluating the state of your gums. It start s with your new patient exam and we evaluate the health of your gums at every hygiene visit. If changes occur, we will advise you regarding the way to get the best gum health you can based upon your present level of health.


Gum (Periodontal) Disease and Cleanings

Regular teeth cleanings are a crucial part of you and your family’s health. Did you know that the “twice a year cleaning” was originally made up by a toothpaste company? That’s right some ad man created a campaign to win over dentists support by coining that phase. In fact, two cleanings a year may NOT BE ENOUGH if you aren’t the best flosser or brusher. People who have gum disease should be seen 3-4 times a year depending on how severe their problem is. If not, these patients can continue to have problems that will lead to bad breath, loose teeth, and eventual lose teeth. Research shows that the problems don’t remain in the mouth. The bacteria that cause gum disease can spread though bleeding gums to all the major organs in a patient through the blood stream. This can result in Heart problems, Blood Sugar problems and a number of other Body wide (Systemic) problems by weakening the immune system. It is now confirmed that people that die of sudden heart attacks are found to have the same bacteria that causes gum disease on the values of the heart! Recent studies have have found the top three bacteria associated with gum disease in the brains of people who have died from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It is also proven that gum disease can be spread to other people like any bacterial infection. That’s right, you can spread gum disease just like a cold to your love ones!

However, people with healthy gums and teeth are healthier and have far less problems with diseases that affect their heart, liver and bloodstream. We will determine what is the best hygiene schedule for you to keep you healthy . Dr. Lou and Lisa will also examine your teeth at every visit to ensure we detect any problems at the earliest possible time and identify any future problems BEFORE they develop. Call us today to see what is the right cleaning schedule for you.

Scaling & Root Planing

Frequently patients come to us after being away from regular dental care for various reasons. Usually we find that to get them in better gum (periodontal) health more advanced dental procedures are needed. Sealing and root planning sounds scary but by using the “Air Flow“, the newest technology available, we will gently and effectively remove most of the bacteria causing gum disease. Often we are able to do this formerly difficult procedure with far less need for “Novocaine” resulting in a very comfortable visit, quicker recovery and faster healing!
Our friendly, caring, dedicated and skilled hygiene team will give you and your family the “at home” skills and tools you will need. Working with our patients we have seen dramatic improvement which has reduced the need for more invasive treatment. If you have been told you need this treatment, let us explain how we can help with our “Air Flow” treatment.


We offer a selection of Natural tooth colored fillings to ensure your smile is healthy, comfortable and as natural-looking as possible. Modern technology and materials allows our office to provide our patients with options to provide great function and beautiful results. We will take the time to explain your filling options so we guarantee you leave not only satisfied but excited to show off your new smile

Filling vs. Crowns, Veneers or Porcelain Options

Sometimes fillings are not the best way to solve a problem. Nothing lasts forever and that is true of dentistry. Even the best materials wear out. When a tooth has been filled two or more times it may no longer be wise to to keep replacing it with a Bigger filling each time. This is where weekend and after hour emergencies are born!
Because Dr. Stylos and his team establishes a trusting relationship their patient, you can always know you will hear all of the options available. They will make certain to let you know their recommendations are based on what they feel will be the most productive and successful long term result for you.  Sometimes investing in a crown will be recommended instead of a larger filling. You will always have control of what you chose, but it will be an educated decision made with the help from your trusted dental family at Smiles by Stylos.

Progression of Decay

Recurrent Decay

ICON® Restorations

We are committed to preserving as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Dr. Stylos uses state of the art decay detecting techniques to minimize the exact amount of natural healthy tooth that is lost in any procedure he performs. The most recent addition to his dental “tool bag” is the ICON® system.
ICON® is an ultra thin filling material that can be used when decay is found in the toughest to reach places in between teeth. Normally, this decay is the result of food left behind because patients don’t floss twice daily. Until ICON® became proven and available, the decay could be seen on x-ray at very early stages a tiny spots on the enamel. Unfortunately, so much tooth structure would need to cut away, dentists would often wait until it was larger to justify removing so much healthy tooth structure to get to it! Once a tooth has a filling it is usually doomed to be replaced multiple time until a crown is required.
ICON® has changed that for the better and Dr. Stylos has thrilled to seethe results since he began using ICON®. Cases are carefully selected that will be ideal for the ICON® system; small areas of decay still in the outer enamel layer of the tooth. With ICON® there is no need to give Novocaine because there is no need to use a drill! The tooth is isolated and a few liquids are used to “wash” the decay away. in its place a very thin version of dental bonding material fills in where the decay was hiding. The end result is a still intact tooth that, if kept clean will never need to have another bigger filling again. Additionally the ICON® procedure is cheaper than the traditional filling!

With ICON® you:

  • Don’t need a “shot”, no needles;
  • Don’t lose any healthy tooth structure;
  • DO get rid of decay;
  • DO keep the tooth intact and with great home care, never need to have another filling in the future because it wore out or broke;
  • DO save, ICON® is less expensive.

What patients benefit from this?

  • Young adults or teens who had difficulty cleaning their teeth when they had braces;
  • Patients that have white spots on their teeth for high fevers, frequent ear infections and strep throat when they were young children.


Sealants are another option for patients seeking to prevent cavities on teeth. The pain free – Novocain free procedure is an easy and comfortable solution to “seal out” and fight off any plaque build-up that may lead to toothaches and cavities. We apply a light plastic material to the teeth where pits may be more vulnerable to bacteria build up. The process is quick, painless, and much less expensive than a filling. Talk to us today if you or your family member could benefit from this preventative treatment to bacteria-related damages.

Fluoride and Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride is a natural mineral used by dentists all over the world to help prevent tooth decay. It is used to help avoid cavities, sooth sensitive teeth while also killing bacteria in your mouth that cause periodontal disease. Fluoride is given to our younger patients to help developing teeth reach their potential by hardening the enamel. Adult patients use fluoride to help maintain enamel that has already developed, protect the seams that join teeth to fillings and other dentistry such as crowns (caps) and kill off those bad bacteria that cause gum and decay problems.

Because fluoride is such a crucial part of healthy dental hygiene, there are always new advancements in how it tastes, how it feels and how it is administered. We promise to have the best selection of flavored or unflavored fluoride for you and your family to protect and strengthen your beautiful smiles.

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