Community Service

Here at Dr. Stylos’s, we have been committed to looking to help people not just dentally or just within of walls of our office but outside in the community that we love and live in. Dr. Stylos, Lisa and Lori are very active in community service projects. They not only help with many different causes but they also have founded their own charitable organizations.

Dr. Stylos and Lisa have headed many fundraising and charitable events over the years. They have been active in the Great Lowell Kiwanis, The Whistler Museum of Art and many other groups. They have sung and preformed for many years with Michael Lally’s group “The Standing Room Only Players” which in their 20 year existence raised over $90,000 for local charities. Dr. Stylos also loves his home city enough that he ran for Lowell City Council in 2001 and in 2007. Election Day 2007 was a day that changed their lives forever.

While out campaigning that day, Dr. Lou got a call from Lisa he will never forget. Lisa had been tested for a suspicious lump in her breast a week earlier and the results came in. It was malignant breast cancer. Time stopped in an instant. The only comfort was the doctor said the odds were greatly in Lisa’s favor that she would survive. For the next 18 months, Lisa, bravely and calmly with her trademark positive attitude worked though several surgeries by doctors from the Dana Faber Cancer Center in Boston. She finished up with radiation treatment at Lowell General Hospital. In November 2012 , Lisa celebrated her 5 year survival anniversary. There is no doubt that the love and prayers of our friends and our faith is a major reason that Lisa is here today. Lisa and Dr. Lou also know that without the care and skill of the doctors and staff at Dana Faber and Lowell General, the outcome could have been very different. Lisa and Dr. Lou felt that they needed to create something positive from this life changing experience so more people could benefit from these outstanding hospitals.

Lisa and Dr. Lou always love to host fun parties and combine it with great community service causes. Dr. Lou some years ago created the Kiwanis Monster Bash. A safe night of trick or treating for youngsters that still is in existence today. Lisa decided that a great way to raise funds for fighting Breast Cancer and have fun was to have a Costume Party for adults….and so the Booby-Bash was born. The Booby Bash provided a terrific combination of fun, food ,friends and charity. Lisa spearheaded the event to benefit both of the hospitals that help save her life. Though donations, auction items and ticket sales, the Booby-Bash has raised over $50,000 for Dana Faber and Lowell General Cancer Centers. After the 2010 event, Lisa and the Booby Bash was recognized by the Dana Cancer Center for donating the most money by a private event outside of the hospital’s fundraising efforts. She is also been recognized by Lowell General in their TW $5K Club for people that have raised at least $5000 for the hospital.  Recently the entire office has worked with “Smiles For Life” Foundation. This is a campaign to which Dr. Stylos and the team have donated their time and talent to help local children’s charities like the Paul Center, the Greater Lowell Boys & Girls Club and K.I.D.S.

For many years Lori Barrett has help raised money for Cystic Fibrosis with her annual Halloween Party which has raised $100,000 dollars in the past decade. Her family has been a driving force in the cause of finding a cure for the disease that takes away young people far to early. Efforts like hers are why a cure for CF is just around the corner.


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