About Smiles By Stylos

The Michelangelo logo was picked to represent that our philosophy of treatment is based on our knowledge of how important the connection of dental health is to the entire patient and not limited to the teeth and gums.

Our emphasis on relationship & building trust to help our patients be comfortable before any dental procedure is performed, harkens back to the days when doctor‘s really knew you – outside in, not inside out. Our staff are people you have seen for years and know they are always friendly, helpful and have your best interest and comfort at heart and never short change the time an individual patient requires from us.

In our office a patient is a person we care deeply for and take the time to understand, you, your goals, where you are starting from, what path we need to travel, the challenges ahead and solutions we can offer to get you there. With that strong relationship, we have achieved impactful, positive results with our patients over many years of practice.

Clinically, our emphasis on great dental hygiene to support and enhance a patient‘s immune system to improve overall health (less issues with heart, diabetes, possible Alzheimer’s or Dementia, to name a few), non-surgical TMJ therapy, oral applicance therapy, sleep apnea therapy, sedation dentistry, VelScope oral cancer screening, laser cold sore treatments, creating life changing confidence boosting smiles that improve health, comfort and natural beauty care and surgical implant placement, are just a few significant examples that make us unique and is foundational to who we are.

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