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Cerec Cad/Cam Dental System

The Cerec Dental System is another example of how Dr. Stylos continues to add modern equipment to our dental practice to increase the standard of care and results for our patients. This system replaces many of the challenging things that went along when a patient needs to get a crown (cap). In the past, you would need at least two visits, have messy impression material placed in your mouth, all while being careful not to loosen your temporary crown (cap) for the 2-3 weeks, waiting for your next appointment to get your final crown.

Well, the Cerec Dental Cad/Cam System allows our team to do days of work in just one appointment! The system, which sports the latest software, cameras and milling technologies provides us with the ability to make your crown in one visit. NO Messy Impressions. NO Temporary Crowns and NO SECOND APPOINTMENT and SECOND NOVOCAINE VISIT! This computer aided natural looking crown, personally designed by Dr. Lou, is so precise in its fit and comfort it is like you were born with it!
Call us today with any questions you may have about our Cerec system.

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