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The holidays provide challenges for keeping your teeth healthy thanks to traditional snacks. Here are the best holiday treats for maintaining healthy teeth.

The holidays are coming up, and we’re just as excited as you are—the gifts, the family gatherings, and of course, the food. That’s probably one of the things we look forward to the most, the delicious holiday treats.

But, this can also be dangerous, as many of the popular holiday goodies are harmful to your overall health, especially your teeth. This holiday season, you’ve set yourself the goal to make better eating choices and avoid anything that can damage your dental health. What can you eat, though?

What Holiday Treats Can I Eat?

We all want to have a good time on the holidays, being able to eat delicious treats without jeopardizing our teeth. So let’s have a look at 8 goodies we can enjoy during these holidays.

Dark Chocolate

Unlike white and milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains antioxidants that are good for protecting your teeth and overall health from damage or potential diseases. Get creative and make your own chocolate treats and mix them in with nuts, dried berries, or seeds!

Cheese Platter

Cheese actually increases the pH levels in your mouth. This prevents any risk of tooth decay. Plus, everyone loves cheese, and an elegant platter of a wide variety of cheese is always a great addition to any holiday party.


Gingerbread is such a popular treat during the holiday season and definitely a favorite for most people. Luckily, gingerbread doesn’t contain much sugar in comparison to the regular chocolate or sugar cookies. You could also try baking your own gingerbread desserts, such as muffins or cake!

Veggie Platter

Vegetables might not sound as delicious or exciting as candy canes. But, a platter with different veggies and some mouth-watering dips are actually really tasty! Give them a try, and you might be surprised at how delicious it is. Plus, your teeth will thank you for it.

Protein-Filled Goodies

There are some fantastic snacks out there that include protein, such as treats involving turkey ham. Protein keeps your stomach full for a more extended amount of time, which will help you to avoid over-eating anything harmful for your teeth.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is strong in flavor, so usually, any treats containing peanut butter don’t require any additional sugar. Try including some peanut butter cereal bars or cookies! You could always add some nuts, and dark chocolate could add more flavor.

Fruit Tarts

Aside from a fruit platter, which is also a great choice, you could try making fruit tarts. There are some healthy recipes available that are sugar-free and don’t require any baking. They’re yummy and aesthetically pleasing.


Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and other kinds of nuts are always great to snack on. They’re addicting but healthy and won’t cause any harm to your teeth.

What Holiday Treats Should I Stay Away From?

Now that we’ve discussed some great treat ideas for this holiday season, you should keep in mind the ones to avoid. Here are a few examples.


Eggnog is the most traditional drink of the season. You love it, and so do we but, eggnog contains loads of sugar. And you know that sugar and teeth just don’t get along.

Plus, it can dry your mouth as it contains alcohol, which means you won’t produce enough saliva. The less saliva you make, the longer the sugar will dwell in your mouth, leading to damage.

Candy Canes

You could’ve already guessed that candy canes would have to be out of the picture. They’re practically sticks of sugar! What’s worse is that, because they take a long time to eat, you practically cover your teeth in sugar for several minutes straight.


Depending on the kind of popcorn you make, it can be a healthy substitute for some sugary-filled treats. However, popcorn gets stuck in your teeth a lot, which causes damage to your gums, believe it or not. Avoid the chocolate covered popcorn or if there is healthy popcorn available, make sure to brush your teeth and floss right after.


Caramel treats are delicious, indeed, but so damaging to teeth. Because it’s sticky, it can cover your teeth in a coat of sugar, which wears away tooth enamel. In other words, the healthy white color your teeth have can begin to fade into that yellow shade we all dislike due to sticky treats such as caramel.

White Wine

It’s hard to avoid alcohol during the holidays. But, make healthier choices this season. Instead of white wine, which is much higher in acidity and can ruin your teeth’ enamel, go for red wine.

Red wine is filled with tons of good bacteria that can help fight off any potential threats from your mouth.

Sugary Drinks

This is no surprise. Apart from eggnog and white wine, drinks packed with sugar, such as soda or processed fruit punch and juices, will cause a lot of harm to your teeth. You’ll be soaking your teeth in sugar, increasing tooth decay, and risk for cavities.

What If I Ate Unhealthy Treats Already?

Sometimes, you just can’t help it. The famous, unhealthy holiday treats are incredibly delicious, and if you’re the only one avoiding them, then it can get a little challenging. Plus, there might not be healthy snack options available.

Drink loads of water to wash away any threatening bacteria accumulating in your mouth and bring your toothbrush along. Brush your teeth after eating several harmful treats. Also, avoid snacking.

Try eating only during mealtimes. Snacking constantly throughout the day is damaging to your teeth and overall health. Use an Oral B Genius or the new iO and a Waterpik recommended by professionals to care for your teeth as well instead of any ordinary brand.

Talk To Your Dentist

Speak to your dentist and ask him or her for some more recommendations. They are professionals, and they know exactly what’s best for your dental health. They’ll be able to suggest different ways to care for your teeth from any harmful holiday treats.

Contact our amazing Smiles By Stylos team for an evaluation and some more professional tips! We’ll know just how to help!

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